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Dear Adjunct Faculty/GRADE members,

Welcome to our site. Feel free to take a look around. We value our membership and as your executive team, are

here representing your best interests. Here are some highlights of what your GRADE executive team has already achieved: 

A higher pay rate per contact hour and music instruction

Inclusion in committees, information, and on-campus professional development and decision making

10,000 dollars in county funding for Adjunct professional development

A "neighborhood" watch for equity in course distribution as needed.

Monthly lunch meetings/conversations with FLCC President Dr. Nye

Monthly Labor relations meetings with administration to discuss issues and propose an action plan

A high profile where we are known and valued here

...more to come!

Here is what we ask of you:

Be diligent in your work with students

Know and understand your responsibilities for classroom management 

Become your own advocate and ask questions of your Department Chair if needed

Develop as a professional member of the WHOLE faculty

Keep track of emails regarding your situation and reach out to GRADE as needed, we are here to support you.

Join GRADE and enjoy the benefits of membership / NYSUT/ AFT

Attend GRADE membership meetings and the General Adjunct meeting and dinner provided by the college. 

Know that you are valued and have much to contribute.

Bullying or harassment of any type is not tolerated and will be dealt with according to mandates, if you see or hear it, report it.

Worth mentioning again:

All forms to apply for professional development funds are available on the FLCC Intranet under GRADE Team Site. Our GRADE website also has a link to the intranet where the forms can be found. You must follow the guidelines and application carefully before you submit to the committee.  Your committee includes Robert Leopard, Susan Bennett, and Cassy Kent.

There is a white binder in the adjunct office area (the binder must not be removed from the office). 

A special thanks to the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, Cassy kent and Wendy Bacon, as well as, Susan Bennett for their efforts and expertise. 

Robert Leopard, President FLCC GRADE


President, Robert Leopard
Vice President, Jaclyn Schaaf
Secretary, Volunteer

Treasurer John O'Donnell

At-large representative Canandaigua, Sue Blodgett Bennett

At-large representative Canandaigua, Volunteer

*Campus Center representatives needed for Geneva, Newark, and Victor. Please, contact Robert, Mary  or Dianne for details.

2023-2024 Adjunct Instructor Pay Dates


February 2, 2024

February 16, 2024

March 1, 2024

March 15, 2024

March 29, 2024

April 12, 2024

April 26, 2024

May 10, 2024

May, 24, 2024

FLCC GRADE Membership:
YOU HAVE A VOICE AND YOUR VOICE MATTERS! There are no more Agency Fee Payers. Now designated as GRADE members and non-members. If you are not a GRADE member, you'll need to be one! With membership, you will receive representation and support on several levels. Even if you teach one course or three to four courses, GRADE depends on you and YOU can depend on GRADE. Please contact Dianne Chamberlain, Secretary, for a memebrship package.

If you are new to FLCC, please reach out to us, we can help you to navigate.

"Together we can"